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Xuan has worked on mosaic since 1999. Her mosaics aim to tell a story, to inspire, to delight the imaginary, and to heal. The inspiration for her art is mostly derived from her life journey, as well as from her perception of the external world.  Creating mosaics gives her freedom, inspiration, the motivation to create and the feeling of satisfaction when she generates something beautiful.  And, that in itself, nourishes her soul.

To capture the depth and complexity of such subjects, real or imagined, she has been able to delve into different artistic styles and techniques in my designs, such as impressionism, still life, and architecture.  She also evolves from only using ceramics to incorporating a wide variety of materials into my mosaics  to pull unlikely materials into unique harmony.

Since "Xuan" is pronounced "Swan" in English, the mosaics she creates carry the hand-made swan logo that represents her signature. 

An interview session in VietFace TV studio Orange County, California on Januiary 17th, 2018 about my mosaic arts with English subtitles.

Xuan My Ho

139 Forest View rd

Woodside, Ca 94062


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